Friday, March 2, 2012

Where did the time go?


I find myself asking this question all the time, "Where did the time go?".
Why can't I get another 24 hours in each day?
If I had those extra 24 hours, would that even be enough for me?

Many days I find myself saying things to my kids like "Hurry up and eat your breakfast!", "Hurry up and finish your homework!", "Hurry up and get in the car!". What am I teaching them? Am I teaching them that our whole lives are about running around and rushing everywhere?

I am extremely lucky to have my family close to me and they are soooo willing to babysit when we need help. On nights when I take Emma to gymnastics, they keep the other girls at home. So, tonight after I dropped Emma off at gymnastics I had to run over to the Allentown Farmer's Market (btw, I LOVE this place!) to pick up some samples of salsa that we are selling as a fundraiser for the Relay For Life. While I was there I decided to sit down and eat something (it was not 4:30 and I hadn't eaten since breakfast because I had been on the go all day and it is Friday in Lent so, I can't eat meat which makes fast food pretty much out of the question.) Anyway, as I sat there, eating my pierogie, I was watching some of the other people there this evening. Sitting in front of my to my right was a family, a mom, dad and a daughter (I'm guessing she was about 12). They casually got their food and drinks, sat down, each of them waiting until everyone was ready to eat, and then they closed their eyes and PRAYED! How great is that?!? Then I started thinking.We used to pray...before each meal...even before we had kids...even when I was working I would pray before I ate. Why don't we do it anymore? When was the last time my family, granted we are a large family of 6, nonetheless, when was the last time we had the time on a Friday night to just leisurely have a meal without having to rush off to get to dance, gymnastics, PREP, etc? I can't even remember. Is that why we don't pray anymore? Because we are too rushed? Hmmm...that's sad. Now, I'm not saying that I want to make any crazy, life altering decisions because I noticed a family having a relaxing, non-rushed meal together. I'm just saying, maybe we should take a step back and remember what is important in life.

If you talk to me next week, I will probably still be rushing my kids out the door, shoving food down their throats (figuratively, not actually!) and running everywhere I have to go so we are there on time but hopefully, I can start to appreciate the times of calmness (as calm as a house with 4 girls can be) and the times that we are just together as a family without having to run off to our next appointment, class, adventure, etc.

Ok, now that I was introspective and philosophical I have to end with a funny story. The following is the conversation in the car tonight with my 5 year old:

Emma: sniffling and whimpering
Me: Em, what's wrong?
Emma: I'm really gonna miss you when I grow up!
Me: You're really going to miss me? Why?
Emma: Cause I won't live with you anymore.
Me: That's ok Em. That is what is supposed to happen when you grow up.
Emma: But I will be far away!
Me: Really? Where will you be?
Emma: (full on crying now) I think I want to live in Africa.
Me: (holding back the laughter) Africa? Why do you want to live in Africa?
Emma: I don't know I just think I'm supposed to live there.
Me: Well, if you want to live in Africa that's ok.
Emma: (still crying) But I won't be able to see you everyday.
Me: We will visit each other and we can video chat every day. Ok?
Emma: Ok

LOL...the thought process of a 5 year old!

By the end of the conversation, she was just going to keep living in PA with me forever : )

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  1. Great post, Jess! I do hope you get to have some more time where you can just enjoy being in the moment with your girls. I know it's hard to do. I had a "what's the point?" moment of despair this evening... just from being tired. Because it's nearly impossible to keep up sometimes.