Thursday, September 22, 2011

What do I do at the end of a crazy, hectic, bad day???

I will tell you what I do...after I share with you what brought me to that point. My day started with getting my 2 oldest girls off to school. This was accomplished relatively successfully, and by that I mean we only had 2 fits of tears and a few minutes of yelling at each other, in my book that is a success! After that it was time to take Lila to school and go off to dance class. After class, I then went to pick Lila up from school and we headed to the grocery store. After gathering our groceries, we came home, unpacked and I fed Lila and Helena. Luckily for me Helena decided to take a nap at that point! I knew that I needed to make something for my kids for dinner because we had to be at gymnastics from 4-6 so I decided to make doughball soup. I know that most people don't know what doughball soup is but it is something that our grandparents used to make for us. My mom tells me all the time how much my girls LOVE soup and can't eat enough of it at her house. So it would make sense that they would love soup for dinner at home. I spent the entire afternoon making this soup, even having to call my mom over to finish while I picked up the girls and brought them home. Now mind you, I didn't have time to clean anything up as I was going along so there was a huge mess in my kitchen but still I thought, my girls would be super excited and love the soup. they jumped in the car and I started telling them that I had this great surprise for them at home, that I made something for them that I knew they were going to love. We got home and they ran in the house to see what I had made and...they started crying, even screaming and crying because they don't like soup, and they don't want soup. Are you kidding me???? I just spent the entire afternoon making this soup, I got nothing else accomplished at all AND there is a HUGE mess in my kitchen and they are screaming and crying? Seriously? It was at this point aht I looked at my mom and said, " Do you see this reaction? This reaction plus the mess in the kitchen along with the fact that I had no time to do anything else in the afternoon is the reason why it is so much easier for me to take my kids out somewhere and just order off of the menu and have someone else clean up the mess." She just laughed at me. But for real, I know it is expensive but sometimes it is just so much easier to let someone else cook and clean up after them. Eventually, they ate, even with the screaming and crying, they ate. By this point it is time to pack up and head to gymnastics, so out the door we went. All 5 of us were headed to Parkettes. Emma had class so Cecilia, Lila, Helena and I went upstairs to the viewing area. Cecilia has homework to do so I get her set up at the table and we start working. Lila has now decided that she is going to climb all over both sets of bleachers, no matter who may be sitting on them at the time and Helena will not let me put her down. So there I am, holding Helena, trying to help Cecilia with her homework and trying to keep Lila from climbing on the other parents that were trying to watch their kids in class. Now, if you know me and my family, you know that none of us (Cardinal or Shafnisky) are exactly soft spoken. As Lila is using the bleachers as her own private jungle gym, she is not pretending to talk to someone, loudly and I am trying to get her to stop, as quietly as possible. Let's just say that the time at Parkettes didn't get much better so I packed everyone up and we were outta there!!!!! I literally drove them around Allentown for 45 minutes until it was time to get back and pick up Emma. On our way back to the car, after getting picking up Emma, Cecilia and Lila took off running and Emma walked with me. As we were walking we came to a pile of dog poop on the sidewalk, on the edge of the sidewalk. I kept walking and I thought Emma would too. However, she paused, I looked back to see what she was doing, and after looking at the dof poop, Emma decided to pick up her foot, clad in brand new school shoes, and stepped in the poop...ON PURPOSE! Seriously? On purpose? Ok, so now i am trying to clean poop off her shoe and make sure that my other 2 children don't go running off with anyone else. Back in the car we go and at this point, I've pretty much had it. I'm tired, I've been embarrassed by my children's behavior, I have been cleaning poop off of shoes and I know that I have to take everyone home and do bedtime by myself because Tommy is at home in bed sick. Not like a little sick. No, no. We are talking fever, chills, sore throat so bad that he made an appointment to see the doctor. Ok, bedtime. We get home and I explain how Daddy is sick and we need to be quiet and go right to bed. I decide not to do showers and just get everyone in bed. After all of the potty breaks, drinks, putting on jammies, picking out clothes for tomorrow and all of the hugs and kisses, all 4 girls were finally in bed and I was left alone. So I sent my sister the following text...or rather the following 6 texts...

Are you home????I've had a crappy night and I need ice cream!!!!!

And my baby just crawled/pulled herself across the floor to get to me : (

And I have a sick in bed, on a Z-pack husband.

And Emma stepped in dog poop on purpose tonight.


And maybe a martini.

So my wonderful sister brought me ice cream and THAT is how I ended my night..with ice cream and my sister : )   I skipped the martini!

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  1. Oh, Jess... a big hug to you. I did giggle out loud at some of this, though. :)