Monday, September 21, 2009


I have been completely inspired by a friend of mine who also has a blog. She has 2 beautiful little girls and a gorgeous new baby boy and she still finds time to blog often. She also has a crazy amount of people who follow her blog, and for good reason, her posts are amazing. Almost everytime I read one I am either crying by the end of it or she has written something that really makes me stop and think about my own life. I guess that is what a blog is for though and why people write them. Her story is amazing and she is a remarkable woman. The point of all of this is to say that, although when I started this blog I had the best intentions to write at least once a week, I find months going by without a single post from me. Granted, I don't actually think that anyone reads these posts but I do feel a sense of accomplishment after I have written one and actually publish it. I suppose what I am trying to say is that my friend has inspired me to write more often for if she can find the time in her busy life, than I should be able to as well. Even if I am the only one who reads least it might be a little bit like therapy : )

That being said, let's begin with going back to school. Preschool started last week for the Shafnisky children. The week began with Cecilia going back to preschool on Monday morning. We saw many familiar faces and a few new ones in her class this year. Overall, it was a wonderful beginning to the school year. There were no tears this year, unlike last year when the world was coming to an end because we were leaving her at school. She was in her glory to be back at school and she no longer needed Mommy or Daddy. After picking her up at the end of the morning, we all (and by all I mean Tommy, Emma, Lila, Ahnie, Pop-Pop and I) all took Cecilia to her favorite restaurant to celebrate the first day of school. Her favorite restaurant is Olive Garden...totally normal for any 4 year old, right? The following day was just as exciting as Emma was getting ready for her first day ever of school. We got up and got ready, had a good breakfast and out the door we went. We, of course, documented the day thorugh video and pictures for all posterity to share! Emma got to school and although she is very familiar with the school and teachers because of Cecilia being there all year last year, she seemed a bit timid at first. However, when they opened the doors and let the children come in, she ran away without as much as a hug or a kiss for Mommy or Daddy. She simply turned around and waved without even really looking at us. It was a bittersweet moment for me. I was so happy that she was out on her own and was not clutching my leg screaming and crying as her sister had done the year before. BUT it was difficult for me at the same time. She's my baby and there she goes, the beginning of her not needing me anymore. Like I said, bittersweet. After picking her up at the end of the morning, we headed off for a quick lunch and then to meet Daddy at Parkette's for Emma's first day of gymnastics! The class is about an hour long but because that is a bit too long for her sisters to be able to handle sitting around, Daddy and Mommy took turns sitting in the car watching a movie with Lila and being inside watching Emma in class. What I did see was wonderful! Emma loved it from the very beginning. Her whole face lights up as soon as she walks in to the gym and she looks around at all of the equipment and the other gymnasts practicing. It's kind of like she belongs there. That could, of course, just be me being the very proud Mommy thinking my kids is wonderful. I suppose time will tell. Poor little Lila has not started school yet but her time is coming. They have all 3 also started dance class for the year and they all love it! This is Cecilia's 4th year dancing and she loves to be on stage. I can't imagine where she gets that trait from! This is Emma's 3rd year of dance class and she too loves it. And of course, this will be Lila's 2nd year of class. She was a little young last year but she did a great job and this year should be even better.

Now that I have updated you as to what we have been doing. I am really going to try to do this more often and keep it very up to date! Until then...

 Cecilia on her first day of school.

 Emma's first day of preschool!


Emma's first day of gymnastics!!!

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