Thursday, July 2, 2009

Princess Room Makeover, Day 4 - Michaelangelo Ain't Got Nothin' on Me!

I'm not even sure where to start with this update. Let's see...ok, last night the girls stayed at my parents' house again so that we could do more work. After we saw them off to Ahnie and Pop-Pop's house we came right upstairs and dug in. What we wanted to do was take all of the devices - outlets, smoke detector, ceiling fan and light,etc - out of the room as well as take apart the crib and move it to the attic ,spackle the walls again and lay down all of the drop cloths so I was ready to go this morning. Well, we got through everything - including taking down the crib...the crib that has been standing for the past 4 1/2 years in our house...the crib that held all of or girls...I, of course, cried as we took it apart and carried it upstairs. We cleaned up and everything was set for me to start painting this morning. I got up this morning around 6:15, as I was saying good-bye to Tommy, I walked into the room and looked around. It was at that point that I realized that Tommy didn't spackle on Wednesday night. Now, that was not completely his fault, I was there too and I had completely forgotten as well. I think that I had been so wrapped up in the crib thing and then getting the drop cloths down that it just slipped my mind. Well...if you know me well, you know that there was nothing nice coming out of my mouth at this point. I wasn't yelling at Tommy, just at the universe in general. All I could say were explatives. I was more than mad because this was now going to set me back indefinitely because I don't know how to spackle. I would have to wait for Tommy to get home from work and do it. My husband, feeling terrible that I was so upset, very calmly explained to me that I could to the spackling myself. I have to say, I was more than skeptical but as pissed as I was, I thought, ok Jess, just do it! So I listened to his explanation of what I was supposed to do, kissed him good-bye, and got to work. I was supprised at how easy it was and I was finished and cleaned up before 7AM. I was now ready to start painting and I couldn't have been more excited, I really just want to get this room done for my girls! I did not buy primer because we had a full can of it in the basement that I had brought up in the previous days so I didn't need to go buy any more. I pried the lid open to the can my surprise...the primer was tinted green! This would be because when we repainted our room, we needed tinted primer and apparantly this was an extra can. So, there I was, 7:00 in the morning, no primer, and no way to start this room without yet another trip to Home Depot. So, in the car and off to Home Depot I went. Again, it was a very quick trip, I was in and out within minutes and back home before 8. Unfortunately, 8:00 was about and hour and a half later than I had intended to start working. Putting my best foot forward, I got to work. I started cutting in the entire room, ceiling and all of the walls, around doors and windows. I finished around 10:20. I had a lunch meeting scheduled for 12:00 so I knew I had to stop somewhere around 10:45ish, so at this point, I know that I don't have time to start rolling anything - which makes me even more frustrated. Begrudgingly, I set off for the shower and got ready for lunch. I went to my meeting (had a great meeting) and quickly went home to get back to work. I changed back into my painting clothes and get right to work. It didn't take me very long to roll the ceiling and walls with primer and I was super excited that I had could actually see progress! I knew that I needed to give it time to dry before I could start any paint so I changed clothes again and set off with Tommy to run some errands. We picked up Lila from my mom and ran to Target, where we spent way too much money on our girls' rooms but I guess that's what you do for your kids, and then to Lowe's to get blinds and some other odds and ends. We had some dinner and went to see the kids' at Mom and Dad's house before heading home. Again, I got to work right away tonight and was bound and determined to get paint on the walls. I started by cutting in for the ceiling paint. I got 2 coats on and was ready to roll. At this point, I had spent much of my day looking up at the ceiling (thus the Michaelangelo reference) while I was cutting in and rolling, my neck was aching something awful by well as my shoulders and arms (I'm not a baby but I am telling you, I was hurting!) I pressed on because I just want to see my girls inthe room! However, we took the light out last night so I have been using hallogen construction lights all night...they get HOT!!!!!!!!! and they heat the room as well. So, I have the door closed for noise (because Emma came home with us tonight so I needed to keep noise to a minimum) and these big hallogen lights on...I'm sweating, my neck, back and shoulders are killing me and I'm still trying to get some paint on the ceiling! I did it...barely. My thought was to get 2 coats on the ceiling and start cutting in the pink for the walls. In reality, I managed to get one coat on the ceiling and no pink touched the walls once again. I'm super frustrated that this is taking so LONG! Tomorrow will not bring any painting as the girls and I will be in Harrisburg for a picnic. I am hoping that maybe Tommy might be able to get another coat on the ceiling if he is able to get all of his work done first. Only time will tell.
I really wanted to get this room done by the weekend but that just doesn't seem possible. Maybe I can try to work on it again Saturday and finish it early next week. Who knew that a room makeover could last for such a long time!!!!!!

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