Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Princess Room Makeover, Day 3!

So, today was a semi productive day. The girls slept at my parents' house last night so I was able to get a very early start to my day. I woke up and was ready to go around 7AM. It was at that time that I discovered that the brush that I needed to work on my baseboard was no longer usable. I quickly called Tommy and asked him what time Home Depot opened and he assured me that it was already opened. So, at 7AM this morning, I was off and running to Home Depot. This is the earliest I have ever been at Home Depot, EVER. The only other people there were contractors and the workers. It was a relatively quick trip, I retrieved my brushes and was out the door within a few minutes. Back home again, I was ready to start painting by 8AM. I dug right in and didn't stop until about 12:30, when I finally stopped to go to the bathroom and get a quick drink. I was right back to work and just kept moving. Mom came over a little bit later in the afternoon and helped me finish the second coat on the woodwork. As I was working, I just kept thinking that it was not looking quite right and it would probably need a 3rd coat. I asked both my mom and my husband and both of them said it did not need a 3rd coat and that I should stop being so anal retentive and let it go. Extremely begrudgingly, I am listening to them and I am not doing the 3rd coat. I have a very sneaking suspicion that every time I walk into that room I am going to cringe and think that I should have just followed my gut instinct and painted one more time.
I took my second trip to Home Depot tonight with my mom to get spackle, a few more brushes and the pink paint for the walls. Tonight, after the kids leave, Tommy is going to spackle the walls and take out all of the devices and the ceiling light so that tomorrow I can prime the walls and ceiling and then we will be ready for paint, hopefully on Saturday (Friday we will be at our picnic)
I am completely exhausted but cannot wait for my girls to have their new princess room! Hopefully tomorrow will be another good day!

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