Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 2 of the Princess room makeover!

Ok, so today is day 2 of the big princess room makeover and I got slightly more accomplished today. I say slightly because today is Lila's 2nd birthday so the day was a bit hectic. i started by taking the girls for donuts at Schuberts bakery and then we picked up Kylie (Kylie is our babysitter and she was coming over today to watch the kids so that I could paint without distractions) and we had to take Emma to gymnastics. So we took her to the gym and went to run a few errands (I had to pick up a few gifts for Lila, some grocery essentials for the house and pick up Lila's cake) by the time I got home, I had about 45 minutes until I had to turn around and pick Emma up from gymnastics. So, I started to clean my kitchen and things like that. Still, no painting! Picked Emma up and then she and I ordered and picked up pizza for lunch. Came home, fed everyone and left Kylie to be in charge while I started to paint. I had just started painting the baseboard when my parents came over. Mom came upstairs and started painting with me. It was now around 1:30 or so and we had to stop around 3 because we were taking Lila out for dinner at Olive Garden for her birthday (my kids LOVE the breadsticks and croutons!) we painted as much as we could and actually got pretty much accomplished. We took Lila for her dinner and it was great. We had a really nice dinner and we all left, very full! We decided to go back to my parents' house for cake and presents and so that the kids could sleep over so that I could come home and continue painting. I started back around 7:30 and painted until about 10 and finally all of the woodwork in the room has the first coat! Woo Hoo!!!! First coat of woodwork is done. The plan for tomorrow is to hopefully get the second and final coat on the woodwork (that is the plan people, not necessairly what is actually going to happen!). If I could get that done, I'd be super happy. Only time will tell!

Happy birhtday to my beautiful little Princess Lila. I love you so ver, very much!

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