Monday, June 29, 2009

Princess room makeover!

Today I began the transformation of Cecilia and Lila's room from nursery to little girl princess room. UGH...I forgot how much i do not enjoy doing this! We first moved all of the furniture to the center of the room and removed all non essential items. I then removed all blinds, curtains and hardware. Then the fun part came...beginning to paint he woodwork. All of the woodwork in this room is, doors, baseboard...everything! So, I bought the primer/paint all in one in white and I began my painting journey. 3 1/2 hours later, I had done the top and bottom of the baseboard and up and down one side of one door frame...that's right...that's all I got done. Now, I realize that painting is a tedious, painstakingly long process but that was ridiculous! I feel as though I accomplished little to nothing today. I suppose tomorrow brings another day and perhaps I can get in some nighttime painting once my girls go to bed...if they ever go to bed since they will all be sleeping in one room together until the room makeover is complete.

Here's to paint in your hair, under your nails and covering any exposed 3 little girls being expected to sleep in one sore necks from painting the complete pain in the butt of painting woodwork...and to the happy little girls when the princess room is finished and their fantasy room is complete! Ahhh, the joys of being a mother!

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