Monday, May 18, 2009

So many exciting things...

This has been quite an exciting week for our family! Last Wednesday and Thursday, my sister, Christina, graduated from NYU! Yes, they have 2 graduations : ) The first one was at Yankee Stadium for the entire NYU Class of 2009. My paretns went up for that one and they said it was quite amazing! Hillary Clinton was the speaker for the day and they said she was great. Fortunately for them, the weather was beautiful and graduation went off without a hitch. The following day I went up to NYC with myparents for teh second graduation ceremony at Radio City Music Hall. This time it was just for the Stern Business School students. It was quite a sight. 581 business school graduates, with their whole lives ahead of them. The speakers were wonderful and everything went reallyw ell. We left Radio City and had a FABULOUS lunch at Carmine's an italian restaurant that serves everything family style. The food was amazing and the company was great. My brother in law Jerry was able to join us and we had a very nice time! From there we went back to Christina's dorm where we finished packing her up and brought her home.

Friday found us at the allergist with Emma, just for a check up. He said she looks good but we should continue to giver her 2 kinds of medicines twice a day for a while yet. While we were there, I also made an apointment for Lila since her eczema is getting worse. Hopefully we can see what the cause of it is! After we finished at the doctor's office, we brough Emma home and Ahnie, my mom, picked the kids up and took them to her house. Tommy and I packed up and we were on our way to NYC to celebrate his 40th birthday! We checked into our hotel and went walking around for a bit. We came back and changed clothes and off we went for out first show of the weekend. I was taking my husband to see Andrew Dice Clay at Caroline's Comedy Club. I am NOT a fan of Dice but my husband is and so I bit the bullet and bought the tickets. I cannot explain to you quite how happy he was to be going! Seeing his face made it all worth the torture I was about to sit through. The alcohol definitely helped to make the evening more bearable for me and the first 2 commedians were pretty funny. The best part of the night had to be the guy sitting 2 table down from us. He was dressed in full Andrew Dice Clay costume. He had the hair, the leather jacket, the gloves and even the sunglasses. Not only that, but as we were seated and waiting for the show to begin, he pulled out his portable DVD player and started watching an Andrew Dice Clay DVD and reciting the words along with it! OMG, this guys was in total heaven! I'm not sure if it was one of the funniest or saddest things I have ever seen! Anyway, we made it through the show and Tommy had a great time!

On Saturday we woke up, had a great breakfast and did some shopping. We walked around the village and picked up a few little things and then we went to 5th Avenue and did some serious damage. This weekend was supposed to be the weekend taht I walked in graduation for my Master's Degree but being my husband's 40th birthday, that was more important to me. So, for my graduation gift, Tommy took me shopping. I am not going to go into what he bought me but those of you who know my husband know that he spoils me and that the gift cost almost as much as my degree! (just kidding!!!) Anyway, the shopping was amazing and I am completely thankful for my Tommy and his support of me and my dreams! That night we met up with Billy, Diosa (my brother in law and his girlfriend) and Jerry and Ricky (my other brother in law and his boyfriend) and we all went to Dangerfield's Comedy Club. OMG did we ever have a good time! The commedians were hysterical and the alcohol was flowing pretty freely again! Unfortunately it was flowing a little too easily as I was lucky enough to go to bed that night with the spins...ugh, maybe that is why I haven't had that much to drink since college!

Sunday was a nice day, we took out time getting up, had a nice breakfast and went to the Bodies exhibit at the South Street Seaport. When we finished there, we had lunch at Johnny Rocket's and started our journey home to our girls. Ahnie made a fabulous roast beef dinner for Tommy's birthday and we all ate together as a family. We even invited Father Simi to join us. We finished theevening with cake and presents for Daddy. Of course, Daddy had one more surprise for me...a beautiful graduation snow globe that plays Pomp and Circumstance so taht I can listen to it whenever I want! He never ceases to surprise me! I really am a very lucky woman!!!!!

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