Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend...

It was another busy weekend here at the Shafnisky House! My girls and I started our weekend off by traveling to Harrisburg on Friday to visit some family. We went to my Nanny's house first to visit with my Dad, Nanny and Aunt Rox. We had a very nice time and even spent some time outside blowing bubbles. I think that Lila and I may have worn more bubbles than we actually blew but it was fun nonetheless! we left Nanny's house and traveled to see my Aunt Helen and Uncle Archie (who are actually my great aunt and uncle) We had a quick, noisy but good visit with all of them. we left because, if you can picture this, we were there with my aunt and uncle, who must be in their 80's and 2 of their children, who are easily in their late 40's to 50's, as well as my dad, me and my 3 girls. It was a CROWDED house to say the least. Well, my girls had already been at Nanny's house for hours and were very well behaved so when we got to Aunt Helen's house, they were not so well behaved. All they wanted to do was run aps around the house and scream that high pitched, shrill scream that only little girls can do. You know the one...the one that can shatter glasses and make the sanest person in the world quickly lose their mind! I'm sure you know the scream I'm talking about! Needless to say, i did not let them stay for long because the thought of driving my family over the edge was a little too much for me. By the time we left there it was just about 5:00PM and we thought we would head home...HOWEVER I then realized that it was 5:00PM on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend and I was 2 hours from home. The thought of getting on 81 and 78 to come home at that time was enough to send me into convulsions as I couldn't handle the thought of sitting in traffic with my 3 girls who had been cooped up all day long. So, we headed south to Carlisle to my Aunt Claudia's house. They have a HUGE yard and lots of room for the girls to run around and work off some of that energy that they had been sotring up all day! We got there and they fed us and the girls played and played. Unfortunately for Emma, Aunt C has cats...lots of cats and Emma is HIGHLY allergic. Poor Emma, all she wanted to do was play with and kiss the kitties...and so she did. It was unfortunate because she has been paying for it ever since. She broke out in a rash and has been a little itchy bt she is handling it like a trooper, very typical for Emma! Anyway, we left to come home around 7:30 and the ride home was peaceful and quiet as my little ladies slept in the backseats!

Saturday was kind of uneventful. Tommy went to work and the kids and I stayed at home. We all went to church on Saturday night and after church my family took the girls and Tommy and I went out to run some errands and then we went to the Holly Family Club to watch a friend of ours perform that night. We were knd of bored at the club, live, loud music is not Tommy's thing and so we were just kind of sitting there when I suggested that we play quarters. My husband is the self-proclaimed king of quarters and I had never played with him so, for some reason, this seemed like a good idea to me. We started playing and I quickly learned why I had never played with him before. Yes, her really was that good. So good, in fact, that he got to make rules. Rules like, I was not allowed to talk with my hands and I was not allowed to swear. Those of you that know me, know that I am a typical Italian and feel like I cannot speak if I cant move my hands so that was difficult and on top of that, no swearing! Unfortunately for me, I ended up pounding like 3 drinks in a matter of minutes. At that point, I figured it was best to admit defeat and get out of there while I could still stand!

Sunday found us doing yard work. While not very interesting, it did feel good to get out and accomplish something. Dad came over and worked with us and we finally got everything weeded, planted and mulched! Horray!!! While we did that, the girls played out in the yard and eventually in the sprinkler, first in their clothes and then in their bathing suits. It was a fun but exhausting day! We ended by having a cookout with my family and we quickly went to bed.

Monday was not much more exciting. The 5 of s went out for breakfast and then went and ordered a big girl bed for Lila! It is so hard to believe that our little baby will soon be turning 2 years old! After our shopping trip, we met up with Ahnie, Angelina and Christia and Mayfair where we spent WAY too much money but the kids had some funa dnwe had some of our favorite fair food! Yum...I LOVE summer fair food!!!!!!

Other than that, there hasn't been much exciting going on here. We had a cold, dreary day today and are hoping for warmer weather soon!

Love to everyone,
Tommy, Jess and girls

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