Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Long Time...

It has been a long time since I posted anything here and I really apologize to anyone who has been checking for new updates! We were on vacation for a week in the Pocono's with Mom and Dad. We had a nice time and had some friends come up to see us while we were there which made it even nicer. Unfortunately Tommy did not get to go with us because he had to stay home and work. He was able to come up for the weekend and he came up on Wednesday night to surprise us which was SO nice! I have to say that between the 4th of July at Uncle Mike's house and vacation, Cecilia has become quite the avid little swimmer. She seems to not be afraid anymore and is even asking to jump in and go under water. We are all so proud of her and are so excited to see her swimming around in the water (with the help of a life vest). Emma is still a bit tentative about the whole thing but she too jumps in and like to play. Lila is unsure of the water but she know it is very relaxing...she usually falls asleep in the arms of whoever is holding her. She's so cute. we came back from vacation and Tommy and I took off for NYC for an overnight excursion (thanks to the free babysitting services of Ahnie and Pop-Pop Inc.) We had an interesting time to say the least. It is a lengthy story...too long to go into on here so if you are interested, you'll have to remind me next time we see each other to tell you about it. We did get to see Avenue Q and we both really enjoyed it.(I wanted to see Patti LuPone in Gypsy but Tommy wouldn't hear of it. He couldn't take my excitement one more time over seeing her) My husband and I spent the next day reminding each other that the Internet is for Porn (you will understand this if you have ever seen the show). Pretty Funny! We came home to a sick Emma - running a fever, rash on her face and legs. Monday morning found us back at the doctor's office. She told me that Emma had hand, foot and mouth disease and it was HIGHLY contagious to children and that I should expect the other 2 to get it as well. Well, a day and a half later Cecilia had it and a day after that Lila started with the fever. We had to cancel Lila's 1st birthday party because we couldn't run the risk of anyone else getting sick (they are still contagious for up to a week after the physical symptoms disappear). In the middle of all of that, Tommy decided that he should also get sick. He was in bed for 2 or 3 days with a high fever, aches and pains, and all the works. 3 sick kids and a sick husband...not a good combination! Thank God my family lives just around the corner because I think I may have lost my mind if they were not here to help me! Everyone seems to be recovering nicely and things are getting back to normal. That is about it for now. I hope that you are all doing well and are enjoying the summer and this hot weather!
Love to you all,

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