Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Latest Update...

So, it has been a crazy time around here lately! Saturday was the recital and things really couldn't have gone better! Things ran so smoothly it was a little scary. The girls (my girls) were awesome, but I am their mother and I will always think that. They both did all of their dances with no crying and no fussing! They were AWESOME! I am just so proud of them. Big sigh of relief, recital is now over and we can get on with enjoying our summer. Unfortunately, the girls (all 3 of them) decided to get a bit of a cold over the weekend. It was the usual runny nose, coughing and sneezing. Except for Lila, she decided to run a fever and woke up with a rash on Sunday morning. We were already headed to the doctor on Monday for Emma's 2 yr old check up so we took Lila with us. Good news...Lila just had some type of virus and it will run its course. Not so good news for Emma though. Her doctor said that Emma is in her top 10% of worst eczema cases but there is nothing else she can do for her and the spots on her arms will probably not repigment so she is basically scarred for life. We do have an appointment with dermatologist in August. More bad news...Emma's hair has been falling out lately and we asked the doctor about it and she said that Emma has alopecia, which means that in the next 6 to 12 months, most of her hair will probably fall out and then start to grow back. At that point I just pretty much started to well up with tears because I feel SO bad for my poor little Emmie! So, she is sending her for more blood tests to see if there is anything else she can find out about her and her immune system. UGH!!!! It seems like it is always something.

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