Friday, June 27, 2008

Big Day Tomorrow...

As I am sitting here in my living room right now, it is 9:41 PM, the night before recital. Tomorrow we have our dance recital and EVERYONE is involved. Dad tapes the whole thing so we can review it right away and critique ourselves immediately, Mom obviously runs the whole thing, Mazzie and I are both teachers and so we have classes that are dancing as well as dancing ourselves, Christina came home and she is dancing, Cecilia and Emma are both dancing in the show, Tommy will be taking care of Lila, and even our cousins Steph and Andrea are dancing in the show with us. It really is a family affair! It is also, unfortunately, STRESSFUL!!!!! Mom is never in a good way on recital day! I'm nervous about knowing my dances, Mazzie has anxiety about performing and everyone feels the wrath of the stress! UGH...I just can't wait until it is all done and over! Oh well. The rest of the week has been rather boring. Just getting ready for recital and what not. We did have the girls outside in their pool on Wednesday and they LOVED it! They played for over 2 hours, splashing and jumping and swimming. It was hard to get them out of the pool to come inside. Its time for me to get going and try to get ready for tomorrow. I will write more after the recital!
Hugs and Kisses,

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