Saturday, January 5, 2013

Emma knocked out a tooth...but not her tooth.

So, I was sitting in the living room with all of my girls and my sister tonight when Cecilia showed Angelina her loose tooth. It was loose but not ready to come out yet. Cecilia asked Angelina is she had a string (to tie around her tooth and pull it out) but Angelina told her it wasn't that loose yet and laughed it off. Cecilia and Emma were sitting facing each other and looking at the loose tooth and talking. I was otherwise occupied watching Helena and trying to coax her to put on her jammies when all of a sudden I heard a CRACK. I looked up to see Cecilia's stunned face and then she started to laugh as she explained that Emma just punched her in the tooth. Now, I am pretty sure this was all Cecilia's idea, as she already wanted to put a string around it to pull it out, and that Emma very politely did as her sister requested. Cecilia showed us her tooth, through her laughter, and we all realized that it was indeed bleeding and hanging on by a thread. Seeing as how I don't do well with blood, Angelina took her and eventually pulled out the tooth. At this point, Emma was hysterically crying (she was not in trouble and I was certainly not mad at her) and Cecilia was overjoyed because the Tooth Fairy gets to come tonight.

Never a boring night at the Shafnisky house!

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  1. That is too funny!! Cecilia sounds like a brave little girl, that's for sure. Glad she'll get a visit from the tooth fairy. She earned it. Emma should get paid too.