Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September Birchbox (I know, I'm a little late!)

I know, I know. September Birchbox? But it's already October! I'm a little bit behind the times. What can I say???

But, for those of you who are interested, here is what my Birchbox held last month!

 This was a little booklet that had fashion and make up tips and ideas for the fall. It was cute.

 An example of what was inside.

 This was a volumizer. They gave us the shampoo, conditioner and volumizing spray samples. I used them all and didn't really notice a difference in my hair (although I did really like the smell!)


 Oh boy! What's next???

 Perfume! I have to say that have not received one perfume sample from them that I haven't loved and this is no exception!

This nail polish I have yet to try yet. I'm not sure if I am bold enough to put it on my fingers so I am thinking maybe for my next at home pedicure I will try this color! What do you think? Would you wear blue on your finger nails???

 Lastly, was a hair tie. This is actually the second one of these that I have received in one of my Birchboxes. To me, it's just another hair tie. I'm not really picky on how I put my hair up as long as it is out of my face! (I have been known to hold my hair back with a pencil at times!)

All in all, a good selection of things but nothing that I would go out of my way to purchase on my own.

Can't wait to see what October has in store for me!

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