Thursday, June 21, 2012


In my attempt to find that piece of my former know the one...the person you were, or at least looked like, before you had kids, I have been doing some major changing in my life. Since the day after Helena's first birthday in March, I have been watching my calorie intake and I have been exercising every day...sometimes twice a day. I have to say that 3 months later I am more than thrilled with my results. I have lost all of the baby weight and even a few extra pounds but even better I have lost inches. Now I was not smart and didn't start measuring myself at the beginning but I am down 3, almost 4, sizes. It was really difficult in the beginning, and I really hated it! I missed all of the crap that I was used to eating. I cut out soda, donuts, cookies and pretty much most of my snacking. I did find some good alternatives though, popcorn, baked nachos and salsa and things like that and I have survived.

That being said I am now back to just eating a regular diet, no more trying to lose weight, just stay where I am at but I am always looking for ways to cut calories and eat healthier - I keep reminding myself that I have 4 little girls and a husband who all need me to be healthy and stick around for a while : )
All of that was to get to this point. I just made a smoothie that is quite possibly the best smoothie I have ever had! I found it online at . I LOVE IT! And it is so simple! Strawberries, kiwi, strawberry Fiber One yogurt and ice. How easy is that? I didn't actually think I would like it because I DO NOT like all. But this is delicious and I am super excited so I thought I'd share : )

(I know that the picture is pretty bad but I took it with my phone...sorry!)

If you have any delicious low calorie recipes you'd like to share I'd love to see them!

Thanks : )


  1. Way to go, Jess! (YES, you!) I'm so proud of you, girl! With four little girls on your heels, that's determination! And thanks for sharing the awesome recipe!