Monday, February 8, 2010

My New Adventure

So, on Tuesday mornings I go to a mother's group at the church where the girls go to school. It is not in any way, related to the church, it just happens that is where we meet. Anyway, I am always amazed at how many of the women in the group are SUPER crafty and are always scrapbooking, making bows or sewing things. I have really tried to be crafty in my life. I LOVE to scrapbook but never seem to find the time to get anything done. I think partially because by the time I drag everything out and get set up, someone needs something or a meal needs to be prepared or someone needs to be picked up or taken somewhere. Needless to say, nothing gets done (I am only half way through Emma's first year book and haven't even touched Lila's!) Anyway, I am so in awe of these amazing women and how they find time during the day to be crafty. My mom is extremely crafty and has always tried to teach me but I was never really in to it. Since I have had children she has really been pushing me to learn to sew and she has made my girls tons of adorable things including gorgeous Easter dresses, winter themed dresses, Valentine's Day dresses and on and on. So, I have been so inspired by these women in my group that I am finally ready for my mom to teach me how to sew. She was extremely happy that I asked and we were out shopping for fabric before I knew it! So, this post is the before shot of my very first dress that I am going to make for Cecilia (I have to do hers first because she is the biggest).

 So, this is the dress that I have decided to make for all 3 of my girls.

This is the fabric for the dress itself.

Ans this is the fabric for the hem and neckline.

Here are my pattern pieces all cut out and ready to go!

Wish me luck and I will post pictures when I'm finished!

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