Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving is always a big event at our house. We host the holiday and usually have 20-24 people but this year we were down to 17. The event begins with Wednesday night. This year, my two cousins, Andrea and Steph, and my brother in law, Jerry and his boyfriend, Ricky all came here. My sisters came over and we all hung out together. We had a great night as we played Wii and then went for a food run at 11PM to Sonic (just about the only place open at 11PM on the night before Thanksgiving).

Unfortunately, I stayed up WAY too late that night and was up WAY too early the next morning. As the day progressed, more and more people arrived and we had a great time visitnig with family that we don't see very often. Dinner was great and I was exhausted so I slipped away to take a quick nap upstairs for a while. My husband had much of the clean up finished by the time I awoke, I was super happy about that! My other brother in law came over after he finished work and we played games and planned out our Black Friday shopping extravaganza for the next morning. Once again, I went to bed too late and woke up too early! Which leads me to my crazy shopping plan. Here was my thinking...there were a few things that the girls saw at Toys R Us that they wanted so I thought I would start there. I knew they opened at midnight but I wanted no part of that madness and I knew that my next stop would be Kohl's which opened at 4AM so my plan was Toys R Us at 2Am...that's right, I said 2AM! I'm crazy, I know but I do have a good reason for needing to get all of my shopping done early on Friday! So anyway, I made it to Toys R Us at slightly after 2AM. It seemed pretty crowded but nothing undoable. I parked my car, got out and started walking to the door and that was when I realized that the line went out the door, across the front of the building, down the side of the building and around the back. When I saw that, I decided that there was nothing that I needed at that store that badly! I jumped back into my car, drove to McDonald's and picked up a large, nonfat, hot chocolate and headed to Kohl's. It was only about 2:20AM at this point and Kohl's didn't open until 4AM. There were a few other cars there but everyone was waiting in their car, thank God because it was cold and starting to rain. However, just after 2:30AM, someone thought that it would be a good idea to go wait outside and that began the influx of people to the front of the store. So, out I got and found my place in line and I waited...and waited...and waited. Eventually, I went to my car and got a blanket and wrapped myself up as I sat on the ground waiting my turn to enter the store. It wasn't a bad wait, until the people next to me started smoking...seriously! Smoking at 3AM!!! UGH...oh well. Time passed by rather quickly and as 4AM approached, we stood up and formed a tighter line. The doors opened and in we flew. I found a few things I was looking for plus a bit more and headed to the registers...where the line was just as long to check out as it was to get in the store. So again, I waited. It didn't take long and I was on my way. Next stop was the Lehigh Valley Mall. I hit a few stores, got a few gifts and even some things for myself and was out the door and headed to Best Buy before 6:15AM. Best Buy was the worst place I visited on Black Friday! Just trying to get someone to help me was a chore! The line was extremely long and took forever! Luckily, I was able to get what I went for and I was off again. This time, I needed to eat and get a drink! Picked up some fast food and made it to Wal-Mart and Target before heading home at 9:30. Whew!!!!! Once I was home, I got my girls ready and packed and took them over to my parents' house where they would be spending the night. Back at my house and I packe dmy suitcase and gathered my husband and brother and headed to Philly to pick up our friend, Larry and then we were on our way to Atlantic City! This is another of our Thanksgiving traditions. The four of us always go to Atlantic City on Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. Before we had kids, Tommy and I used to go to AC a lot but now with kids, the money to gamble just doesn't seem to be there as much : ) We had a great weekend and even learned to play a new game, craps. A bit confusing but I think we were starting to get the hang of it. We all made it home, back to Nazareth and rested for the night.

Sunday brought us to Christmas Tree Shopping Day. Another tradition, our entire family goes shopping for a tree. By entire I mean, Tommy, the girls and I, my parents and sisters, my brother in law Jerry, our friend Larry, my other brother in law Bill and his kids. We ride the hayride and sing Christmas carrols as we hunt down the perfect tree. We found a great one and waited for the rest of the group to finish. The rest of the day was spent decorating for the holiday season. I forget how much I love Christmas until I start decorating again and the house feels warm and cozy.

After another crazy Thanksgiving weekend, it is time to get back to reality and begin preparing for the next round of holiday crazziness!!!!

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