Sunday, June 15, 2008

Complete Exhaustion!

So, let me begin by telling you about my weekend. Friday was the day I had been so looking forward to! It was the Relay For Life and I was SO excited! I really wanted things to go well and for us to raise a lot of money. I got all packed up the night before and got about 5 hours of sleep. I was up showered, dressed and ready to Relay and out the door of my house at 8:30 AM on Friday. I picked up a friend of mine and off we went to the Relay site. I got there and just started helping to set up and making sure that things were going smoothly. Cut to the chase...things went really well for the entire weekend, all of the ceremonies were AWESOME and people seems really happy (for the most part). The best news is we raised more money than any other year in the Easton Relay history! We were just about at our goal when we left on Saturday. If you are interested, you can still donate by going to my web site and donating online. Donations for this year's Relay will be accepted until August. Any way, my point of that is this...I slept for maybe 3 hours that night (if I was lucky) I came home Saturday night and CRASHED!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so tired, Tommy and I were in bed by like 9:30 or so. Got up bright and early on Sunday and get ready to go out. We took Tommy out for breakfast for Father's Day and then went home and everyone laid down for a nap. Cecilia didn't really feel like napping so she went downstairs with Daddy while the other 2 and I slept (my husband is amazing for watching the kids so I could catch up on some sleep on Father's Day) When everyone got up, we got fressed and went to Mom and Dad's house for swimming and cookout. We brought the kids home around 8 and got them to bed. Around 8:20PM I sat down to do some school work since I had an assignment due by midnight, only to realize that our Internet was down. At that point, I called Mom and theirs was down as well. I went to 3 different places that offer free Wi-Fi but everything was closed so I ended up driving to Allentown to Tommy's office to complete my assignment. That is where I am right now and as soon as I finish this entry, I will jump back in my car to head home and collapse!

Hope you all had a great weekend!
Hugs and Kisses

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