Sunday, June 22, 2008

Another week done...

It has been quite an exhausting week here at the Shafnisky house. Not that that is anything new around here. Tommy is working harder than ever and the girls and I are enjoying the summer weather! We had a busy week this week. I was trying to finish my graduate class (I am going back to school this summer and will hopefully finish my master's by next summer!) and that ended on Saturday, we are trying to wrap up dance classes and finish the program and edit music and get it all ready for Thursday's rehearsal and then Saturday's 2 shows. Everyone gets a little stressed out at this time of the year and I am no different. I really felt like I may have been in the middle of a small nervous break-down this week. My girls were just pushing me to my limits...I love them more that anything in the world and I am blessed to have them but sometimes I am just tired of being Mommy. They don't like to listen to me so much anymore. Then they push and hit and bite. You would think that bedtime would be my favorite time of the day but OH NO!!!! I loathe bedtime! There are nights that it takes us over an hour to get the 2 big ones to stay in bed. UGH...No use complaining though. However, my AMAZING husband saw how stressed I was and came to my rescue. He came home from work on Saturday around 3:30 PM and took the kids and basically kicked me out of the house. I picked up Angelina and off we went! We went shopping...without any children crying or whining or wrestling to get out of the stroller or was like a little piece of heaven. Then we went to dinner at Carrabba's and I actually got to eat a hot meal and enjoy it, along with my 2 strawberry daiquiris! Then it was a bit more shopping and off to the movies. We finally went to see "Sex and The City" and it was awesome! We didn't get home until about 1 AM. We had an awesome time and I was able to recharge a bit.
Let's see, more about the kids. Lila is 1 week away from turning 1 and I cannot believe it! She is so big. She's walking everywhere and is very independent. She no longer wants me to hold her hand when she walks. Although, she does still give the best hugs! Nothing compares to a Lila hug, she must get that from her Daddy! Emma is awesome! She is still battling with eczema but we go to a dermatologist in August. She got rid of her binkie this past week. We told her that we had to give them to the new babies and she has been SO good about it! She also got her big girl bed this week, so no more crib for her! We rearranged their room to accommodate the 2 beds and I just looked at Tommy and said, "its not a baby's room anymore, now its a big girl room!" Now I want to repaint it for them and really make it a little girl room. Cecilia is wonderful as well. She has started calling me Mama this week which is so cute. I'm not sure where it came from but its cute! She is learning to write some of her letters. I'm hoping to have her writing her name before she goes to preschool in the fall but we will see. The girls are getting ready for their recital this weekend. Cecilia is dancing to "I Wuv a Wabbit" and "Dancing Leopards" (which is the same song that I danced to my first year of dance class with Mrs. Stuckey) and Emma is dancing to Hippity Hoppity Frogs and Inch Worm and they are both super cute in their costumes (I may be a bit biased though).
That seems to be about all for now. I will try to update this more often, although this week is going to be super crazy with the recital. I hope that everyone is doing well and we will talk to you soon!

Hugs and Kisses,

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