Thursday, November 1, 2012

What we did during the hurricane...

There isn't a whole lot to do during a hurricane but here is how we handled it...

My girls made a mess...


 over and over again!

 They posed for pictures.

And picked out their own clothes.

Except for the baby...she stayed in her jammies all day!

And apparently my oldest is ready for summer weather again!

And then there is what Mommy did...



swept the floor approximately 1,000 times a day because my children make huge messes!

Oh yeah, and then I painted my toe nails.

I did the girls' nails too but didn't take pictures of them. Mainly because they wouldn't sit still long enough for them to dry!

And then I was on Pinterest. 

Hmmm, not necessarily a good thing.

And I found this...

No Bake Vanilla Cake Batter Chocolate Truffles

And so I did what any normal person in the middle of a hurricane would do.

I called my hubby and asked him to stop at Giant on the way home and pick up a few things.

And so he did.

Have I mentioned that he is the BEST. HUSBAND. EVER!

I tried to make them.

And here is how they turned out...

I used semi-sweet chocolate because I already had that at home but I think I might like them better with milk chocolate.

All in all they were pretty good.

If you like cake batter.

Which I do!

I have been known to make a cake mix just to sit and eat the batter.

Just sayin'.

Until next time,


  1. Glad you survived it. Getting back to routine never sounded so good, huh? I'm with ya!

  2. Yum!! Can you share the recipe (or the Pinterest link?!?) :)

    1. Cheryl,
      Here is the web site for the recipe!