Friday, August 17, 2012

Mixed Emotions

As I am sitting here at Parkettes for the millionth time this summer (we are here Monday through Friday every week) I am both relieved and saddened by the end of summer quickly approaching. It has been a long, rough summer for us, not for any major reasons mind you, everyone is healthy and relatively happy but it's been rough nonetheless. Gymnastics has been Monday through Friday at 12:00 noon everyday until either 2:30, 3:00 or 3:30, which, for the girls not in class, makes for a long day.  We have been packing lunches, going shopping, visiting daddy at his office (which he really loves!) and spending countless hours in the observation area at the gym. Luckily, Angelina has been bringing Emma on Monday's and there have been sometimes that my parents have kept the other girls at home (like today...thank goodness!) It has been difficult and probably very unfair to Cecilia and Helena, although Helena doesn't know any better yet. Poor Cecilia has been drug around and hs been forced to sit through countless hours of gymnastics. Thank goodness for Ebee being at the gym because that actually gave her something to be excited about! Now Cecilia has cheerleading at night so it gives her something exciting to do with her time. Unfortunately, all of the gym time has made our summer just fly by. We took a few trips to Dorney, one day to Hershey and one day to the beach. We didn't do nearly enough swimming or just playing. We were almost never at home but I guess if we would have been there it would have been boring and then we would all be complaining about that! I will be sad to see my Lady Bugs go back to school on the 27th but relieved that I won't haven't drag everyone to gymnastics all will just be moved to every night : ) So I will enjoy my time with just Helena between the hoursnof 8 and 2:30. I will play with her, i will accomplish more around the house and I will rest up for whatis sure to be a marathon of homework, dance class, PREP, gymnastics and cheerleading between the hours of 2:30 snd 8:00PM. Oh well, I guess that's what we do as parents, right? Eventually, in about 18 years or so, I will have time to relax again and actually see my husband. Right???

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