Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I used to consider myself to be pretty fashionable. I was never really trendy but always tried to look put together and classy. That was until I had kids. Since I stopped working outside of the home and started staying home with my girls all day, I must say that my fashion sense seems to have dissipated. Not only do I not always get "dressed" ( I don't really count sweats/stretch/leggins/yoga pants and a t-shirt getting dressed) But it's also a costly thing and when I do have money I am much more likely to spend it on the girls than on myself.
Recently I have started reading two different blogs. One I started reading a while ago, The Small Things Blog, and I love it. She give hair styling tutorials and shows all different techniques and how tos. She's great! She and her sister recently started a 30x30 challenge. They took 30 pieces of clothing and accessories and had to make 30 outfits. Here is her explanation of how it works...30 x 30 Challenge. I am thinking about starting this soon. I am still trying to get some pieces together (like a pair of jeans...I don't seem to have any that fit me right now...any suggestions on where to get good jeans would be appreciated.) Once I can find jeans I think I might be ready to give this challenge a go!
The other blog that I have been reading is J's Everyday Fashion. Love her too! She has inspired me to try to take more risks, add more color and experiment with fashion.
So, as 3 of my girls are on vacation with my parents this week I was thinking maybe I could get some inexpensive pieces and start my 30 x 30 challenge. So, look out, there may be some fashion posts coming your way soon!
On another note, my 3 oldest girls have been on vacation since Sunday and they will be back on Saturday. It is sooo different only having 1 baby at home! I was really looking forward to the break but I have to say on day 1 I was really missing my girlies! However, this is probably the best possible week for them to be away as our one and only bathroom in the house is being remodeled and is completely torn out...there is LITERALLY nothing in the bathroom, just some studs and plumbing for now. Hopefully it will only take about another week or so and we can be back to normal around here. Until then we will all be hauling our stuff over to Mom and Dad's house to shower : ) Thanks Mom and Dad! Love you! It also makes all of the running around that I have to do a lot easier too. I have a ton of errands to do for the bathroom and only having Helena with me makes life much simpler...but I miss my girls, fighting and all! I cannot wait to see them again, soon!!!
This is a picture of us from the day we left the girls with Mom and Dad. We all went out to breakfast to one of our favorite places...Piggy's Restaurant (Piggy's). If you are ever in Lake Harmony, it is totally worth stopping by and checking it out!

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  1. "Leggins don't count as pants. Legg*ins* don't* count* as* pants*"